Remote Viewing Session:
Ancient Genetic Disc from Colombia

The reverse side of the Genetic Disc.

The Genetic Disc .

Target: The Genetic Disc

Target cue: Describe ‘the’ most important aspects of the target artifact, including the entities that sculpted it.

Monitor: Jerry Harthcock

I was blind to the target and the cue. The monitor was semi-frontloaded: He chose the target, and created the cue.

The target for this session is the pre-Colombian “Genetic Disc,” an ancient artifact that depicts images of various stages of a fetus as it matures, as well as the egg and sperm, and other images that remain a mystery. It is approximately 6,000 years old.

The Remote Viewing Feeling

Can a remote viewer “know” when he or she is on target? Does the remote viewer experience a “feeling” when a real remote viewing takes place? My experience has proven to me that there is an actual feeling that occurs when the “aperture” is open wide and complex information is perceivable to the viewer.

In this session, my sketches are interestingly close to the actual target; however, I did not experience the “remote viewing feeling” until later in the session, while I was receiving the perceptions of “life,” “longevity,” “replicating,” “duplicating,” and “something that can replicate itself.”

I think you can observe this subtle shift that I am experiencing in these videos. Can you see it? Leave a reply, and let me know what you think.


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