Remote Viewing IBM’s 12 Atom Memory Cell

IBM’s 12 Atom Memory Cell

Target: IBM’s 12 Atom Memory Cell

Target cue:  Describe “the” most important aspects of IBM’s 12-atom memory cell, including a method/protocol for directly altering its contents by way of human intent alone.

Monitor: Jerry Harthcock

I was blind to the target and the cue. The monitor (Jerry) was semi-frontloaded: He chose the target, and created the cue.

This session shows that the remote viewer can perceive information at the atomic level. In this session, I incorporated Stage 6 clay modeling, which allowed for more kinesthetic interaction with the target, and more detailed information came through as a result. Remote viewing is a very physical process, meaning I use all the physical senses of my body as well as my mind to perceive information about the target.  In the process of molding the clay, I was able to perceive information that I may not have received otherwise.

Working with Jerry as a monitor has been a very interesting experience. With a monitor, I have more endurance for longer sessions. The role of the monitor is to make sure the viewer is staying in structure and that all protocols are being followed. The purpose of the monitor is to keep the viewer moving forward. A good monitor will not try to lead or influence the viewer.


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