Remote Viewing Places:
Ellis Island

Ellis Island

Ellis Island

The Task: Remote view Ellis Island

The Cue: Describe the most important aspects of this target.

I was semi-frontloaded only in that I knew that I was remote viewing a location, but I was “blind to the location” (I did not know what it was). 

Ellis Island is a small island between New York City and New Jersey, in the upper New York bay. Between 1892 and 1954, Ellis Island was the busiest immigration inspection station in the country. Upon arrival the immigrants were asked 29 questions including name, occupation and how much money they carried with them. An estimated 2% of the people were denied admission due to illness, criminal background or insanity. An estimated 12 million immigrants were processed through Ellis Island, seeking a better life in the United States.

In this session, I continued my exploration of remote viewing locations. Per the cue, my task was to describe the most important aspects of the site. This location came through very strongly early in the session; I perceived long lines of people forming a chain as if they were joined together. The people were nervous, but also motivated, focused and galvanized. They wanted to blend in with the crowd and fit in. Exploring this further, I perceived the idea of “validation,” which expanded into validation of rights, expression, beliefs and one’s existence.

Later in the session, I perceived the idea of “learning.” To explore this concept further, I performed a “movement” exercise. During this part of the session, I experienced the feeling of two sides coming together to create more options, more perspectives and more results.

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