Remote Viewing Session:
Moon Anomaly Photographed During Apollo 17 Mission

Photos by Apollo 17 Astronauts on the Moon

Target: The target is an anomaly on the Moon photographed by the Apollo 17 astronauts. 

Target Cue: Describe the most important aspects of the target.

Monitor: Jerry Harthcock

I was blind to the target and the cue. The monitor (Jerry) was semi-frontloaded: He chose the target, and created the cue.

The role of the monitor to make sure that the viewer is in structure and following the remote viewing protocol. A good monitor does not lead the remote viewer. A monitor can suggest areas that need further exploration.

Given the nature of this target, I will probably never know if the data I perceived in this session is correct. I can only judge the data based on the feedback photo provided by the person who assigned the target. There are many circumstances in which complete feedback is not available—such as a Moon anomaly or a missing persons case—and remote viewers must accept that.

In this session, it appears that my main focus is the strange-looking canister that was captured on film. When the photo was taken, the camera was set to maximum zoom and off in the distance appeared this strange object. This is the second Moon anomaly that I have remote viewed, and my data reveals a theme in both sessions of some kind of convoy or caravan moving from one place to another. Convoy meaning more than one craft is involved. This was a fascinating target, and I hope that one day it will be possible to get verifiable feedback about it.

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