Remote Viewing Session:
Billy Meier UFO (Target)

Unidentified flying object, photo by Billy Meier.

A UFO photographed by Billy Meier near his home in Bachtelhornli, Switzerland, in March 1976.

Target: A UFO photographed by Billy Meier near his home in Bachtelhornli, Switzerland, in March 1976.

Target Cue: Describe the most important aspects of this beamship, including its pilot, at the instant captured in this photograph.

Monitor: Jerry Harthcock

I was blind to the target and the cue. The monitor (Jerry) was semi-frontloaded: He chose the target, and created the cue.

Remote viewing IS an experience. There is often an opportunity for close intimate contact with the target, which, if pursued, can provide data that is much more complex and deep than if one simply read about the target or looked at it. During this session, I approached a threshold that made me consider pulling back. I felt that I might lose touch with myself if I were to “walk through that door,” and I could get swept away by the very nature of what I was remote viewing. This feeling is called “aesthetic impact” or AI (my emotional reaction to the target).

The job of the remote viewer is to describe the “target,” and to remain neutral and objective. Reacting emotionally to the target or target site is a natural part of the remote viewing process and is very useful for obtaining valuable information, insights and perspectives related that the target. However, if you allow yourself to linger in AI, the consequences could be serious. Part of the remote viewing protocol is to clear AI debris after the session is over.

In this session, I describe a ship that was floating and moving. The ship was used for collecting data about people, cultures and trends. I perceived the vehicle being operated by an older male figure who had been operating this vehicle for a long time. I describe a tight-fitting cockpit and a windowless hallway inside the ship.

The story of Billy Meier is very compelling, and the Internet is full of videos and articles about Meier and his claims about the UFOs he witnessed. I am not claiming to know the nature and origin of this object. I prefer to stay neutral.

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