Remote Viewing Technology:
Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster

Cloudbuster at The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine.

Cloudbuster at The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine.

The Task: Remote view a cloudbuster created by Wilhelm Reich.

The Cue: Describe this object and this technology.

Monitor: Todd Ronan

The monitor and I were completely blind to the target and the cue.

Wilhelm Reich was a controversial psychoanalyst and scientist born in Austria in 1897. Reich discovered a universal energy that he called orgone. He invented several devices that he claimed could manipulate orgone into an energy source. One such device was called a cloudbuster, which  presumably could alter weather. The cloudbuster was made of metal tubing that, when focused on a location in the sky, could draw orgone from the atmosphere into a body of water such as a lake. As a result, clouds would form or disperse.

My task in this session was to describe the device and its technology. I perceived that I was remote viewing a form of experimental technology. It reminded me of a power plant that was accumulating and building up energy inside a metallic structure. There was a strong sense of gravity—I felt as though I was being pulled to the ground by a spinning energy that was flashing and glowing. This technology appeared to be dangerous during the processing stage, but the end result is safe.  The disclosure of this energy source seemed to be a big step forward for humanity.


And check out this documentary about Wilhelm Reich and his work.

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