Remote Viewing People:
Rosa Parks

Rosa Parks, civil rights activist.

Rosa Parks, civil rights activist.

Target: Rosa Parks

Target Cue: Describe the most important aspects of this person. 

I was semi-frontloaded because I knew the cue and that I was remote viewing a person, but I did not know who the person was. 

While remote viewing people, I am drawn to the deeper aspects of the person, and the deeper I go into the personality of the target individual, the more simple and clear the message becomes. Rosa Parks was a freedom fighter, a petite woman who challenged overwhelming oppression. In this session, I was receiving information about what motivated her and how she perceived her role in society.

I received information such as “freedom,” “thought-provoking,” and “deep and meaningful.” It was clear that the target was a person who wanted to have an effect on others. I perceived the data that “how others see this person is important.” The target individual  wanted to change “how people see things.” This individual wanted to “open up something in people” and be “inspiring to those who wanted to be inspired.”

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